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Live DJ'ing is This is how Fusion Events started. We have been DJ'ing since the late 90s (doesn't feel like 20+ years!) and quite possibly the Club/House music of around 00's is still our favourite time of recent musical history.

In this time we have done many parties, weddings, birthdays, live events in pretty much every kind of venue. We have covered genres from classic disco, to current chart via dub step, house, D&B and garage, and work closely with you where necessary to create the right style for your event.


We have tried to compile a few common questions below to help explain us a little better.


What do you play?

Our music catalogue extends to the late 60s to current chart.

What is your performing style?

The music does the talking - not us. This is a key point. We concentrate on the crowd and say as little as possible. We of course always have microphones handy, but unless asked too, we let the music do the talking.

Do you take requests?

Yes where possible of course. The only exception is if we are doing a Vinyl gig which makes it rather difficult, but if we have the music and we feel it will work with the crowd we will happily oblige. It is also not uncommon these days to be asked to play music from guests music devices which are now so common place.

How do I book

First step is to get in touch. We will have a quick chat to check availability, and then will ask you about the type of event and location. In some cases (weddings particularly) we will request from you a list of tracks for the key points of your evening. First dance, last dance, favourites etc. We will have these ready on the evening. This may also apply for themed events where we may need to obtain music, for example we have recently played at a Mardi Gras charity fundraiser where carnival music was requested during the meals.

What equipment do you use?

These days for the majority of our work we use Denon DJ controllers, it's convenient and provides us with the quality our customers expect. We can still also use Vinyl on the occasion its specifically requested.

How long do you play for?

This varies by event. Many venues request you end from 12-1am, and for an evening set we would start around 8pm, so 4-5 hours is common. We work with you. DJ sets as part of a larger event may be a couple of hours..

The Venue has asked for a PLI certificate and proof of PAT testing, can you help?

Yes of course. We have full public liability insurance and also carry out regular checks on our equipment.

How much do you cost?

Prices very, but start at around £250 depending on the event, and location.