About Us

Hi and welcome to Fusion.

We are event entertainment specialists based in Surrey servicing London, Surrey, Kent, Sussex and Berkshire providing anything from DJ's, Lighting, Power, Video, Outdoor Cinema, Pyrotechnics and much more!

We have over a decade of working professionally in all aspects of the events industry and have worked with everything from private functions to huge multinational blue-chip companies in Europe and beyond. We are comfortable with working to tight deadlines, budgets and delivering on time with as little fuss as possible.

We enjoy what we do. It's great fun and often incredibly hard work. We deal with many people both client and guest facing. What we do represents you and your event. It is therefore incredibly important that we act professionally, especially when working under the pressures of event life. We monitor our own successes and look at what we can do to improve on a regular basis, but we also enjoy what we do, in fact we love it!

There is a huge amount of creativity in what we do. Everything we do is ultimately designed to stimulate the senses and create amazing memories for you and your guests. These days people have high expectations! Naturally we are guided by your wishes and ideas and we will help you develop these and turn them into a reality.


Knowing our industry and the technology at our disposal is very important. We have incredibly technical backgrounds. Yet technology changes fast. We keep pace of new developments to ensure we provide up to date information and skills in order to do what we do best. Not only that, we understand and have years of experience with the technologies that underpin the products and services we offer, and under some very extreme situations. This real world experience gives us confidence in what we do and what services we can offer.

Being professional and understanding what we do enables us to have a clear idea of the risks involved. Including the not so obvious outside factors. For example, in the UK the climate and weather can have a huge effect. We consider the impact of these from the outset and will immediately put plans in to mitigate these. This gives us and you time to think and plan your options. But there is obviously more, we are for example Laser safety trained, PWSK trained, ADR, trained and follow or exceed the best in terms of practices and health and safety, and of course are fully and properly insured.

The above obviously comes at a cost, and this is a competitive market. Often clients are simply looking to compete on price alone, but this is not how you will get the best value! So ask, what are you getting for your money? Ask to see public liability insurance and proof of PAT testing. If you are using Lasers or you want them for your event, insist on seeing proof of Laser safety training. Ask for references (not just from their friends on Facebook!) are you looking for pyrotechnics? Then ask to see proof of competency (eg PWSK), and a risk assessment. Ask them to prove what they are using is safe for a particular venue or site. Ask what happens if it gets rained off, or if there is a problem. When paying for deposits make sure you get receipts. Avoid 'companies' who insist on being paid in cash. Ultimately don't be one of those who comes to us after having a terrible experience elsewhere and wishing you had spent a little bit more for a wholly different and better level of service!

Why risk compromising any of the above? Your reputation relies on it and by choosing us you won't have to.

Who are we?

Ed Director

Ed has spent his entire lifetime playing with sound and visual technology. From very early childhood, and even to now - nothing has changed! Partial to a bit of Vinyl House/Trance DJ'ing, Ed spends most of his time refining and upgrading Fusion's ever growing stock, speaking with customers and pushing the business forward.


Chris has years of experience with large scale audio/lighting and outdoor events. Incredibly mechanically capable (handy with all our generators), Chris is also great at dealing with those unexpected issues should they arise, and is quite happy running large and complicated events on his own. Hes also one of our DJ's.


Will turned up one day, and has remained ever since! Now a big fan of pyro and large audio systems Will's dedication and strength knows no limits. Like Chris, he is also very capable at dealing with our mobile light towers and generators.


Nathan absolutely loves music. He's years of experience mixing bands and groups both live and in the studio. Above all he is entirely dependable and great to work with.


Toby loves pyro. The bigger show the better. He's also not bad with video, which is handy since we have quite a bit of that too!


Jay is and old-skool audio addict. Being part of the rave scene in the early 90's nothing makes Jay happier than playing with audio systems of any description.

This is what we do

Video & Projection


Outdoor Lighting

PA and Sound