Wedding Firework Displays

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Fireworks have always been used for celebrations, this dates back to even before the Gunpowder Plot, and weddings are no exception.

The "Typical" Wedding Fireworks Show

Typically wedding shows are approx 3-10 minutes in length. Rarely would they be any longer, simply as Fireworks complement the wedding, not the main focus!

So how does it work?

Simply put, we work to your budget, requirements and venue constraints. We will guide you as to what we can do for a given location, taking into account any risk factors. We will then present you with options tailored just for you.

How much does it cost?

All things being equal this price table below will guide you roughly on prices. The top row is the duration in minutes, the vertical axis shows scale/impact. There are MANY variables not taken fully into account and this should be used as a ROUGH guide to budget with only.


5 10
Scale /
Low 1375 2475
Medium 4125 7425
High 8250 14850

Let's explain more about the show's scale/impact. There are two key points to remember. Firstly show scale is directly related to the number of distinct firing sites. For example, we might have all the fireworks in one position on a low-impact show, but a medium or high would have multiple usually 3+ locations fireworks are fired from, Left + Middle + Right across a field for example. This gives the show more width, larger sky space and so a higher impact.
The second element is the amount (and type) of actual pyrotechnic content each show has. A high-impact show has physically larger fireworks, each containing more gunpowder. The effects are thus larger and more sky-filling. Much of this is dictated by space at a particular venue. Large calibre shows require much further spectator distance, not just for safety but also to actually see the display! As with every venue/location, there may be limiting factors which prevent for example a high or medium show scale show from being possible, and the only option due to spectator distances would be a low/small-scale show.

What is also important to mention is whilst the low scale/impact shows are smaller in terms of pyrotechnic materials, often the audience is also much closer, so it must be stressed that these shows are still fantastic and very popular with our customers. In fact, the vast majority of our shows are on the 'low' end of the spectrum for both space and budget constraints.

Other costs that may also need to be accounted for are additional costs in creating a Pyro-musical, and any audio hire that may be required. These days Medium and High impact/scale shows are almost always Pyro-musicals, and so the design time is included with the cost. At the lower end, this is not always the case, but we can still provide this and any audio systems that are required to support it.

Sadly the days of a £500 wedding show are long gone and care should be taken towards anyone who claims to offer this, as corners are being cut, its simply not possible to run a business like that!


Medium/High impact/scale shows include design time for creating a Pyro-musical. If you wanted a Low/smaller scale Pyro-musical event this would be an additional cost of around £400-800 depending on length. PA system would also need to be added separately.

Low noise

We are of course only too familiar with the "silent firework" myth. Let's get this out there now, they don't exist! What do exist are low-noise fireworks. One must remember that the effect/noise from a firework is directly related, so low-noise fireworks are much less spectacular than their noisier counterparts. Any show hoping to achieve a big wow factor will miss the mark by some distance if only being able to use low-noise pyrotechnic materials. We have run low noise and traditional shows on the same events on the same night and the almost instinctive amazement from the audience with low noise just isn't there. That being said they do serve a purpose for sensitive venues, and some fireworks are better than none, so when faced with this as the only option it's best to give us a call to discuss.

Firework Alternatives (Kind of)

In 2022 we invested in a significant amount of Laser and Lighting equipment. This turned out to be a masterstroke as the record-breaking hot dry summer prevented the use of fireworks at many venues and we were able to offer an alternative. Let's be realistic - are lights and lasers really an alternative for a fireworks show? No, but it is pretty cool in its own right and we had a fantastic response from the audiences so far, you can read more about our amazing lasers here.

Get in touch with us!

We need to chat! If you are considering a fireworks display for your celebration or event get in touch by email or give us a call. We love fireworks and would talk about them all day given the chance! Let us know your budget, expectations and requirements and we will guide you on your merry way to an awesome fireworks display designed just for you by us. We are always more than happy to help.