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You are probably reading this as you are looking for an alternative to hosting a Fireworks event. Whilst Lasers are not a perfect replacement for fireworks, they are perfectly capable of being a show on their own right. It's much better to look at Lasers as an entirely different kind of entertainment altogether.

So what do we offer? Put very simply we offer a single one stop solution to enable you to host your own spectacular Laser show. In exactly the same way we manage firework shows, we take care of everything on the show site and all you need to worry about is planning your event on the spectator side.

All our Laser shows include the following:

Audio system
Laser Show design
Laser Safety Planning and risk assessments
Notification to the relevant authorities
Power (where necessary)

What does a typical Laser show look like?

Our Laser shows are typically 10 minutes long and are choreographed to music. We recommend that they are not used (or very little at all) in the build up to show time. The element of surprise with Lasers is easily lost if we show off to much before! We will often leave them on after the show for a while for the guests/public to enjoy. Another consideration is about Laser shows compared to Fireworks is we only have to press one button for the show to play again, so if you want you could run 2 showings of the show 30 mins to an hour apart for next to no extra cost. This keeps your guests onsite longer often increasing what is spent and raised as as result!

Lets quickly now look at the last few minutes of a London based primary school Laser show we did in 2022 (worth noting they have already booked us back for 2023!)

Whilst not a fantastic quality clip, this video at least gives a clear capability of the system, and it really is impressive. What is crucial however is that we pick the correct and appropriate music to match the show. The sound with fireworks is just as much what creates their excitement, and we need to carry that with the correct choice of music to carry the Lasers.

Practical considerations for Laser show planning

It has to be dark – darker the better. Fireworks you can get away with them even at dusk. Lasers don’t fare so well. We would recommend at least an hour after sunset, and positioned in a way that there are not very bright lights behind the Lasers.

In order for Laser beams to look bright, often we have add haze from smoke machines into the sky. This greatly increases the beam visibility. It’s worth noting that depending on the weather conditions on the day, this may be easier said than done. If the wind is very strong or simply in the wrong direction putting haze into the air will be impossible. We do take this into consideration during the set-up and position the haze machines to the best possible location before show time. If this is the case, you will still see the Lasers, they just won't be as bright. Rain on the other hand is not a problem. Lasers look incredible bouncing off rain drops. It looks magical!

Projecting Laser writing and Logos is not possible when doing a ‘beam’ show (which is what this kind of show is) This is because there is no projection canvas to project onto for the image to be displayed with.

This picture shows Lasers around 30 minutes after sunset where its still dusk. In this case however the air was still and we sucesfully added haze to produce rather amazing Laser beams in 'Daylight':

We can also combine lasers with other special FX, as you can see here:

How much does a Laser show cost?

Depending on distance a typical Laser show starts at £1300. This would include a PA system suitable for around 500 people but does not include a generator or additional lighting if required.

If you would like more information, or a quote, please contact us for more information.