DJs for Wedding and Parties
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We absolutely love a good party. But what makes a good DJ and why should you pick us?

  • Firstly we absolutely love music and playing to a crowd! This is important, we get a huge buzz from seeing everyone enjoy a party!
  • Experience. 2022 marked 25 years of DJing for some of our core DJ team. We have DJed at everything from corporate fundraisers to festivals and even street parties along of course with weddings and many many birthdays.
  • Choice and range of music. We have not stagnated! So its nearly impossible to keep up with TicTok trends today, but we have plenty of experience keeping the dance floor moving, and are always adding to our music database.
  • Professionalism, we turn up on time and have NEVER failed to turn up. We hear stories all the time of DJ's double booking or cancelling at the last moment. Rest easy that's not something you have to worry about.
  • Sound system and lights. If there is one thing we do well it's audio. Compared to most DJ's, we are not joking when we say our DJ kit is next level. We have so much audio equipment from Void Acoustics, Crown and Denon that even we think we're mad.
  • Our lighting is just as capable. All bang up to date and we know how to use it, with modern lighting controllers like the Wolfmix W1
  • Our customer relationships. We work with you to understand your party/wedding requirements and song choice. You have a play list? Not a problem, we will happily work with you to ensure all your favourite songs are played for your perfect day, and even make sure we avoid the ones you don't want!
  • Reading the dance floor. All our DJ's are able to read and feed of the audience. This is crucial to a great party. It's also really fun for us!

Standard Packages


This is our standard DJ package. Naturally it's a comprehensive one. It includes modern intelligent lighting, smart DJ booth in black or white (along with matching speakers by request). A clean modern non-fussy setup is our goal - however, don't let it fool you. We hide bass speakers behind the booth cloth so that despite the understated looks the sound is fantastic. Of course we are happy to customise any of this to your specific requirements and any sound system from our speaker hire packages are available as upgrades.

Black DJ Booth example:

And the same in white, also with white optional speakers.
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As always the audible size of the Music is much greater than the visual presence of the speakers as we hide a 1200w Void Acoustics bass speaker behind the booth fabric! This greats a fantastic sound whilst keeping the visual look nice and tidy.

Smoke (Fog) Machines & Hazers

Creating the perfect party atmosphere and to show stunning beams of light we can use smoke and/or haze.

Fog vs Haze

The difference fog and haze is that haze is a subtle amount of long lasting atmospheric effect which allows beams to show thorough without actually looking 'foggy'. A smoke machine on the other hand is a short blast of very dense and very visible fog. Haze machines typically are used on big stage productions and TV where it enhances the look of the lighting.

We also offer different types of fog effect. One is traditional long lasting fog (What most people are familiar with)  and also CO2 simulation fog. The CO2 effect is a big blast of fog in the same way but dissipates much quicker in rooms with dry air and little humidity, without having a room 'white out' which can happen with too much traditional fog!

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UV & Glow Parties

If you are looking for something a little different, then consider one of our UV/Glow parties!

We have powerful and modern UV Party Lighting for creating that perfect UV glow party effect turning any venue into an amazing glow in the dark experience.

We even include a hire of of UV hats and accessories for your party to use, and 100 glow sticks for your guests. You can just supply the paint and people!

IMG 3745


If you really want a BIG wow factor, and want to go all out with your party, then consider Lasers. We use the very latest in Laser techonlogy and our Lasers are speced up with extra safety features such as physical beam shutters along with our staff who are Laser trained with over 14 years of entertainment Laser experience.