In our experience the most overlooked and misunderstood area of events is simply event power. You can see if the lighting isn't right, you can hear if the sound is distorted (well most can!), but so often power 'works' but actually it's either unsafe or entirely unsuitable for the application or job that its doing.

BS7909 Temporary Electrical Systems

As an event organiser (any event small or large) you are responsible ensuring that all aspects of your event are safe. This includes power. BS7909 sets the standard by which all Temporary Electrical System must be designed, installed and tested and this is where we come in.

So what do we offer?

Generator hire.

We stock a range of road tow generators for the majority of small to medium events. We also keep a few smaller portable generators for what are defined as "small and simple" systems. These are able to fit in the boot of a car. Our range of power solutions is expanding all the time. In addition our power staff are incredibly skilled when it comes to the running and maintaining of our generators, to the extent that we have in the past stripped down and entirely rebuilt our own sets. Believe us when we say when it comes to support, we have you covered.

Temporary Electrical System Design

As part of our service, we can design and specify a temporary electrical system to suit your requirements. This important part of advance planning enables us to ensure that a full power plan is known before we arrive on site an allows for a very fast, efficient and clean deployment.

Cables and Distribution

All our cabling is suitable for its purpose. We use only HO7RNF cable (as specified under BS7909). You won't find us using any blue arctic flex, PVC cables or extension reels!


Testing is a crucial part of any electrical system. There are two parts to testing for events. One is that everything must be pre-tested before it leaves us, and the other side is the confirmation testing after install that the temporary system is ready and safe to use. Again, we follow the recommendations within BS7909 relating to this.


The purpose of BS7909 is to ensure all temporary power systems offer the correct protection and are safe to the end user. Often the event planners are entirely unaware of what is actually required, and so we offer a complete service covering all aspects of event power to take care of this on your behalf.

Help for event organisers

HSE have published information to help organisers and others plan, use and manage electrical equipment at an event safely. You can find that information here.

In addition this document details the requirements and what to expect from companies deploying temporary electrical systems.