Since the King's Coronation it's been an intense ride! Busy being the main word. We really look at our business as having been rebooted and reset to zero (negative really - those bounce back loans will be here for a while yet) during the Covid pandemic, but its been absolutely fantastic to see the post pandemic rebuild as we continue to grow and attract new amazing customers, and carry out some truly amazing jobs.

Naturally the 'B' word comes up a LOT in the events world. As musicians, production companies, tours all try to navigate the complete mess that is 'B', but thats not really the purpose of this update.

Since we left the EU, many producers/importers of goods were left with a huge unknown and potentially costly change as we moved away from the CE mark to our own UKCA. This included the importation and manufacture of pyrotechnics - the kind we use for our shows. By abandoning the CE mark and moving to a UKCA model all new products would need to be retested to prove conformity. But there were at least two problems, 1 what would the new UKCA rules be and 2, who could do the testing? Seems no one knew, and that included our Gov. The result of all this meant that the CE standards were to stay until it could be decided what would be done. Then they were extended again...

Finally the government accepted that they had no idea, no plan and could find no way to solve this without causing further damage to this and other industries and so it was announced the CE mark will remain indefinitely see here.

Who is EVEPLA?

In other strange news, we have been 'added' to another web directory listing called "EVEPLA". Their website is pretty poor, with what appears to be a really simplistic template. We are very suspicious of anything like this, especially with the ongoing fiasco of UKbride. It claims to be "your global resource for top-notch event planners and related businesses!", yet they dont even have a Facebook page. A quick bit of looking around reveals not a lot. It's domain is registered as a non-business, its registered to a rented office block in Georgia, USA.

What however is really strange however is searching for "EVEPLA" on Facebook reveals various UK companies posting the identical text: "We are thrilled to be featured on EvePla, a leading platform connecting clients with top-notch event-planning services worldwide. Check out our profile to see how we turn visions into unforgettable experiences, one event at a time".

Until we work out what its all about and what they are trying to do with collecting all the information of event related businesses, we would suggest to approach with caution.